The Virtuous Woman

By Apostle Tonya

The Blessed Father as the Great Architecture of our lives will ofttimes orchestrate an event to culminate the fulfillment of His will.  Surely thy Lord is ever-faithful to cause us to hear His lovingkindness in the morning when we arise to giveth Him our thanks.  On one particular morning, as I sat communing with the Holy One He was gracious to lead me to read one of my most favorite passages in the Holy Bible.  Through tears, I read out loud His Blessed Word as if He were speaking directly to my heart concerning His will to honor His Beloved Daughter, my late mother.  Thereafter, as I continued with thy Lord, He bestowed upon me strength to receive Heaven’s Strategy to fulfill certain petitions of my mother before her transition from Earth to the Rest and reward granted to her in Heaven with our Beloved Lord Jesus.   

By the Master’s Hand, on the occasion of Mother’s Day my three siblings and me surrounded our dear mother for what would become, unbeknownst to us, her last. The precious photographs of which were captured on that Mother’s Day reveal the legacy of love my mother would leave for us most precious to behold and honor.  Oh, what gratitude I host in my heart for the blessed answers of my dear mother’s prayer! 

The Scripture records a most magnificent expectation from thy Lord God of His virtuous Daughters in the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 31 verse 28.  It reads most profoundly, Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.  The Lord favored me with a virtuous and gentle mother whom loved Him more than her family.  Often, during my visits to her home, I sat amazed as my eyes fixed upon her loyalty to thy Lord.  She was most disciplined sitting in the Lord’s Presence with the Blessed Holy Bible and annotating on holy pages the blessed revelation she had received from the Holy Spirit.  Quite marvelously, the Lord used mother to poureth upon me treasures from Heaven during the greatest valleys of my life.  Surely it was the season the Holy One willed me to walk through the most for His glory.   

“Quite marvelously, the Lord used mother to poureth upon me treasures from Heaven during the greatest valleys of life.”

Ofttimes, the wise counsel my mother exhorted during the marriage to my former late husband was sufficient to giveth me strength to continue to wait upon the Lord.  The trials of that past often left me in tears.  And with indomitable faith my mother continued to incline her ear to me and guide me throughout it.  The holy conversations from her filled those broken seasons of my life.  It was with the Holy Bible that she faithfully guided me to have faith in our Everlasting Father, El Olam. Most certainly, my mother’s blessed fervent prayers Tip the Bowls in Heaven to place me on a purpose-filled path to honor thy Lord in serving others.  It was also her devotion and loyalty unto thy Master which cultivated within me a life in the beautiful garden of prayer.  For sure, her encouraging words continue to echo in my heart and has given me the desire to serve hurting children all over the world.  They are children whom some I may never meet beyond the blessed images captured with the lens of a camera but my serving of them are because of the prayers and devotion of my late mother and friend.

“For sure, her encouraging words continue to echo in my heart and has given me the desire to serve hurting children all over the world.”

What a wonder is thy Master?  I am most grateful for His faithfulness to honor and answer the prayers of a mother in this healing ministry and in my life.  The memory of the just is blessed.  Proverbs 10:7 

Dear ones, be encouraged if you are waiting on thy Holy One, surely He will answereth the sweet fragrant prayers of the righteous.  Revelation 8:3.  Amen. 

2021 (c) Apostle Tonya. All Rights Reserved.

Published by Apostle Tonya

A woman after God’s own heart, Friend of Jesus who loves spending time with Him.

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