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  • The Suffering of Jesus Christ

    April 14, 2022 by

    By Apostle Tonya And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:  Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst.  John 19:17-18 The placement of the Cross of Yeshua HaMashiach, in the… Read more

  • Early will I seek Thee

    January 20, 2023 by

    By Apostle Tonya Eternal Father, I offer my sacrifices of praise to You Who is holy, righteous and Who lead me in truth for thou art alone the God of my salvation.  I ascribe unto You the glory due Your Holy Name and worship You in the splendor of Your holiness.  Holy Father, I am… Read more

  • Thy Word have I hid in my heart

    January 13, 2023 by

    By Apostle Tonya Surely, I must say the most cherished time for me is in the Blessed Master’s presence reading and nourishing up in the Holy Scriptures.  The feasting is a time whereby we delight with our Beloved One in inexhaustible joy and peace as our relationship with Him continues to flourish.     In John 13:23, we read of… Read more

  • Morning Prayer

    January 6, 2023 by

    By Apostle Tonya Holy Jesus, You Whom are most holy, and magnificent, I worship alone.  Wonder of my soul, I arise this morning with awe of You and to giveth You praise.  I bless You for Your Heavenly Invitation to Bask in Your Glory and for Your generosity to filleth my mouth with Your praises. Oh, how… Read more

  • The Birth of our Blessed Jesus Christ

    December 23, 2022 by

    And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this… Read more

  • The Birth of our Majesty

    December 10, 2022 by

    By Apostle Tonya In the Scriptures, we are surely bestowed honor from the Holy One of Israel with the most Holy Invitation of our lives: to experience the miraculous Birth of the Lord God’s only Begotten, Son.  In awe, ofttimes we read with tears of The Coronation of our Humble King, who because there was… Read more

  • Throne Room Prayer

    December 6, 2022 by

    By Apostle Tonya Jehovah Tskidkenu, Righteous Father I bow down and worship You and join with the Holy Angels and cry Holy, Holy, Holy God Almighty which was, and is, and is to come.   Righteous Father, I giveth thanks to You for Your only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus whom You raised from the dead and… Read more

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