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Morning Devotional

By Apostle Tonya Eternal Father, Whom rules and reigns, I bless You for Your Splendor, Majesty, Excellency and Glory whereby have established the clouds above and causeth them to wonderfully swirl around over the face of the Earth to do whatever Your Majesty commands.  O Holy God, surely, I am in awe of You!   Hearest myContinue reading “Morning Devotional”

Thankful to the Lord

By Apostle Tonya As we prepare to celebrate this most blessed holiday of gratitude and thanks to thy Lord God for family and friends; it is my prayer the Blessed One will fill your hearts with joy and answereth your petitions. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 2021 (c) Apostle Tonya. All Rights Reserved.

My New Book: “40-Days of Throne Room Prayers” Print Version will be Available for Pre-Order!

I am most thankful in the midst of this world crisis; it was thy Lord’s will for the eBook version of “40-Days of Throne Room Prayers” to be released.  As we begin with the reopening of the Country; I am excited the print version of the book will be released.   You may Pre-Order theContinue reading “My New Book: “40-Days of Throne Room Prayers” Print Version will be Available for Pre-Order!”

We are Seated in Heavenly Places

by Apostle Tonya For several years, the Holy Spirit has led me to keep a “War Binder.”  It is where I continue to record my assignments when He instructs me to go to war.  Now through January 31, 2020, you can download my teaching on how to war seated in Heavenly Places.  This teaching alsoContinue reading “We are Seated in Heavenly Places”

It is Settled in Heaven..

O God that hearest prayer in the multitude of your mercies we beseech You to incline thine Ear to our voice and supplications.  Father of Glory, remember O Lord thy Word which is forever settled in Heaven about us as written in Psalm 119 verse 89.  Father, we thank You for the grace You haveContinue reading “It is Settled in Heaven..”

Keep His Secrets

by Apostle Tonya As servants, we are to steward with love and faithfulness our prayer assignments.  As the Lord’s warriors, we are graced with His power, strength and love to intercede. When the Lord giveth us such honor to intercede we are expected by Heaven to carry out each assignment with integrity, honor and discretion.Continue reading “Keep His Secrets”