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God is our Refuge

By Apostle Tonya Days ago, I was led by the Blessed Holy Spirit to watch a Christian news program.  Moments after the news program aired, I became deeply saddened at the heartbreaking footage of murdered civilians and the unjust war raging against Ukraine.  The reporting of this most tragic war with its photographs and footagesContinue reading “God is our Refuge”

Prophetic Dream about the Rapture

By Apostle Tonya Thy Lord God is ever-faithful. In the midst of this election He has been guiding us in prayer, visions and in dreams. How grateful I am for His love and encouragement for us. During fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He instructed me to release this dream. In the dream, I was inContinue reading “Prophetic Dream about the Rapture”

Prophetic Dream about Beyonce’

By Apostle Tonya In these End Times, we are seeing thy Lord’s Plan of Salvation manifest for voices who are known throughout the world come to exalt Him.  What a marvelous sight it was for me when the Holy Spirit graced me with a prophetic dream of singer, Beyoncé worshipping Him! In this dream, ofContinue reading “Prophetic Dream about Beyonce’”