Prophetic Dreams about Magic and Cookie Johnson and their son, EJ

By Apostle Tonya For a great length of time, thy Blessed Lord has graced me with prophetic dreams and most recently, visions about Magic and Cookie Johnson. The Lord has ofttimes included their son, EJ in the visions. Years ago, I became quite moved as I read about the heart of Cookie Johnson, a womanContinue reading “Prophetic Dreams about Magic and Cookie Johnson and their son, EJ”

Prophetic Vision: Coronavirus, an End is Near!

By Apostle Tonya The Word of the Lord came unto me a few days ago concerning the Coronavirus crisis. The Blessed Holy Spirit graced me with an open vision of what appeared to be a sick toddler. The young boy was laying down with his eyes closed shut. The child appeared to me to beContinue reading “Prophetic Vision: Coronavirus, an End is Near!”

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