About Apostle Tonya

This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Psalm 24:6

“I love innocence and purity. They are the lenses I look through in life..”

– Apostle Tonya

Apostle Tonya is the firstborn of the late Mr. Ronald Nathaniel and Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn.  Both of her parents are with the Lord in their Heavenly Home.

A woman after God’s Heart, the Lord’s Prophetess, fire starter, worshiper and leader of Esther Crown Ministries a healing, deliverance and teaching ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tonya is a woman of indomitable Abrahamic faith. She is an intercessor who is called to lead people to the altar of fire in pure intimacy with the Lord Jesus.

The Blessed Holy Spirit uses His servant with an ancient glory wherewith her yielded body levitates: ascends, floats and moves for His glory.  Apostle Tonya is the only person in the world whom thy Lord GOD uses to ascend and float for His glory. Not since the early 1600’s has the Father chosen to manifest His glory as He now has in His Daughter.

The Father has called her to a special ministry with His Son, our Beloved Lord Jesus.

A lover of the Lord’s Presence, Apostle Tonya dwelleth in the Ancient of Day Chambers: Father and His Daughter.

Tonya, a former New Yorker, resides in the Midwest.

Church Administrators may request Apostle Tonya’s full bio and package below using the form below.

10 Fun Facts About Me…

My most comfortable place is sitting with thy Lord.

I love innocence and purity. They are the lenses I look through in life.

Elmo is my friend.

I love Sesame Street and the Muppets.

After spending years in consecration with the Lord; the hardest surprise for me was readjusting to life outside of it.

Since a young girl, I have always loved to fight battles. Now I am ready to rest.

I love the most beautiful things that remind me of Heaven.

I love laughter and enjoy watching clips of the late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin for a daily dose of the most precious joy!

I love spending time with children; training them to be the Blessed Lord’s Friend. (There are special little ones I love the most.)

And, I love the game, Twister.

For the King,

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