Prophetic Vision about Election Night

In recent days, the Holy Spirit graced me with a vision of Eric Trump, one of the adult sons of President Donald J. Trump. In this vision, I was shown Mr. Eric Trump from the side.  Eric stood in front of a television.  It was an image whereby I could remember quite profoundly of theContinue reading “Prophetic Vision about Election Night”

Prophetic Vision about President Trump

By Apostle Tonya In recent days, thy Lord has been faithful to increase speaking to me concerning the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Days ago, I was most amazed at a prophetic vision that the Holy Spirit bestowed upon me while I rested. In this vision, I saw on my left-hand side an all white dinerContinue reading “Prophetic Vision about President Trump”

Prophetic Dream about First Lady Trump

By Apostle Tonya There has been quite some time since the Blessed Holy Spirit graced me with a prophetic dream about First Lady Melania Trump. When the President was admitted at Walter Reed National Medical Military Center for treatment of the Coronavirus; the Holy Spirit in His faithfulness spake to me about the President andContinue reading “Prophetic Dream about First Lady Trump”

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