The Mustard Seed

By Apostle Tonya

Last week, I was honored to receive an invitation to join the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for The Mustard Seed Series: Working Together to End Involuntary Homelessness. It was certainly a surprise for me to see the host of this virtual event, a most humble man, Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

During the meeting, Secretary Ben Carson highlighted the mustard seed faith of Pastor Jake Medcalf of Castro Valley, California.  In Pastor Jake’s presentation, he recounted the unexpected visit of a homeless man who had sought the help of the church during a rainstorm while he (Pastor Jake) worked in his church office.  Later, after the man departed, thy Lord led Pastor Jake to walk around the land of the church property and guided him to use its parking lot to build temporary homes for the homeless.  This encounter with the Lord would ultimately birth “The Tiny Project”!  What an amazing testimony it was for me to hear that within 18 months through The Tiny Project the church secured builders to complete six lovely homes surrounding its sanctuary for the homeless.

The HUD reports that involuntary homelessness is a current crisis in the Body of Christ.  It was quite startling for me to learn many believers have passed away before their time as a result of circumstances in their lives which tragically forced them to live outdoors.  

I want to encourage the Body of Christ, leaders, in particular, to serve the homeless within your churches and ministries.  Surely there must be more projects birthed within the Body such as The Tiny Project.  We must do our part to help end homelessness with our brethren.   Matthew 25:37-40.

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