Remembering my Mother

By Apostle Tonya

I am most grateful to revisit memories of the days before my beloved mother suddenly transitioned to Glory.

Days before my mother’s passing, our most merciful Father bestowed upon me sufficient grace to prepare her for a grand arrival into Heaven. I can remember with tears as I cared for my best friend; the Holy Spirit began to release on me grace for special care for His Daughter. Throughout it, tears continued to course down my cheeks. During those days, I could not understand the tears origination; as I knew not what was to visit my family and me on October 14. I can only say it was the Blessed Lord’s tears for me.

My dear mother lived an abundant life for the Lord Jesus. She most enjoyed worshipping, reading the Holy Bible for which the Blessed Lord gave her such grace of wisdom to understand.

My mother was an gregarious, most talented woman, whom before entering into a life devoted night and day to our Master was spent with years of volunteer service with politicians in New York City. She found a cause that was dear to her and poured her heart into it; while encouraging her Brooklyn community, friends and family to also support it. This was what my mother was also able to successfully accomplish in her service to Rev. Al Sharpton during his 1997 political campaign for New York City Mayor. My mother’s dedication continued with Rev. Sharpton for many years after the campaign ended.

Tomorrow, October 27, on my mother’s birthday, my family, her church, community and leaders in countries throughout the world will remember her during a special candlelight vigil.

My family and I are most grateful for the honor bestowed upon my mother’s legacy by the Lord Jesus. I am most thankful for the Recognition received from Rev. Al Sharpton in honor of her service.

I am also delighted to share the website remembering her legacy:

Oh, how I miss her!

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Published by Apostle Tonya

A woman after God’s own heart, Friend of Jesus who loves spending time with Him. And a kid at heart who loves Elmo.

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