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His Word shall never fail!

When I was a young woman in my 20’s, at the end of every year, I would make a short list of what I would resolve to do or accomplish in the new year.  They were resolutions that I took much care and diligence to ensure they were all fulfilled. By the time we were in the season of spring, most of my resolutions had become a distant memory.  As my walk with the Lord God became more intimate I began to seek His will for my life and no longer took to writing the end-of-the-year resolutions.  It was the Holy Spirit that lovingly graced me to stand-fast in His Will and continue to keep me focused. 

Quite a few things that I desired I learned were placed within my innermost being by our Heavenly Father before He placed me in my mother’s womb.  My fervent praying, hoping, believing, fighting and loving was the Lord pushing and pursuing me.  

I want to encourage you today to never cease to pursue God’s Will for your life. What the Lord God whispered to you may appear unrealistic or unattainable to another but please do not allow that to deter you: it doesn’t matter what anyone else may feel about your dream.  Be steadfast, prayerful and stand on the blessed authority of God’s Word. You were sent into the Earth realm with purpose and a call.  Whatever you do, never abandon it.  Remember Jonah.  (Jonah, Chapter 1.)

I encourage you to be careful who you share your dreams with; not everyone will celebrate with you about the Will, plans and purposes of what Jesus has ordained for you.  If you remember, Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers and their jealous hearts provoked them into creating a wicked plot to kill him, cast him into a pit and thereafter sell their own brother into slavery.  (Genesis 37:5, 24 and 27.) Trust God with all thy heart and lean not on your own understanding as Your Father strategically bring His Word to pass in your life.  His Word shall never fail!

Photo credit: Choochat Banlue

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Published by Apostle Tonya

A woman after God’s own heart, Friend of Jesus who loves spending time with Him.

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