“Lord, thank You for not allowing me to love anything or anyone more than I do You.” – Apostle Tonya

“For me, every day with thy Lord feels as if I am a child again.” -Apostle Tonya

“It is our love for thy Lord why we must obey Him!” – Apostle Tonya

“The first time the Lord began to prepare my spirit for this ministry; all I could do was lay down. For nearly 48 hours, I cried and prayed.” – Apostle Tonya

“I will obey the Lord Jesus; no matter the cost.” – Apostle Tonya

“I lost everything I loved for years for His Will..” – Apostle Tonya

“Desire the relationship with thy Lord more than the doors.” – Apostle Tonya

“Keep your eyes from coveting what thy Blessed Lord has given to your brethren. Ask Him for more love for Him.” – Apostle Tonya

“Not all of thy Lord’s Children have great calls and assignments to fulfill in the Earth Realm. The Father also sends His precious ones to serve with those with great assignments. Teach your children early how to serve.” – Apostle Tonya

“When you are in a season of suffering; study the Sufferer, our Risen Lord.”

Apostle Tonya

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