Revival is Coming

by Apostle Tonya This year, as the Body of Christ prepare to gather to celebrate the miraculous Resurrection of our Blessed Lord Jesus many continue to face a Church which doors yet remain close or are banned from worshipping the Lord as a result of the pandemic and laws governed by their state. ┬áBe notContinue reading “Revival is Coming”

Healing our Land

By Apostle Tonya Earlier this week, as I sat on my living room sofa with thy Blessed One weeping for my beloved America He began to comfort my heart. Thereafter, the Merciful Father manifested in my heart His will to perfect what concerneth His Children.  The Lord is going to heal the discouragement.  In America, weContinue reading “Healing our Land”

Prophetic Dreams about Magic and Cookie Johnson and their son, EJ

By Apostle Tonya For a great length of time, thy Blessed Lord has graced me with prophetic dreams and most recently, visions about Magic and Cookie Johnson. The Lord has ofttimes included their son, EJ in the visions. Years ago, I became quite moved as I read about the heart of Cookie Johnson, a womanContinue reading “Prophetic Dreams about Magic and Cookie Johnson and their son, EJ”

Prophetic Vision about President Trump

By Apostle Tonya In recent days, thy Lord has been faithful to increase speaking to me concerning the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Days ago, I was most amazed at a prophetic vision that the Holy Spirit bestowed upon me while I rested. In this vision, I saw on my left-hand side an all white dinerContinue reading “Prophetic Vision about President Trump”

Prophetic Vision about Kanye West

By Apostle Tonya In the past summer, the Blessed Holy Spirit began to increase in speaking to me about His son, Kanye West in visions. The dreams and visions I have received from the Lord about Kanye West; I have not released to anyone until now.The Lord bestowed upon me a recent vision of KanyeContinue reading “Prophetic Vision about Kanye West”

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